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Is it normal to avoid food?
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I hate preparing food, and I mostly hate eating food. I find eating to be boring, repetitive, and unsatisfying. Instead of eating, it's easier to just let myself remain hungry and go try to watch TV. As I type this, I remain hungry.
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WARNING! This was the first step towards my eating disorder. It can also indicate the beginning or progression of other disorders.

Eating at regular times, finding someone to eat with (even if it means cooking for them,) or turning meal times into my quiet time all helped make it a little less boring and dull.
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Ur going to waste your life away period
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Slippery slope towards an eating disorder. Solve this problem now before you can't control it anymore.
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try getting baked and then eating :)
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Nah if its not natural its not normal, Get a sandwich.. Dumbass
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