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Is it normal to bathe in bleach?
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I love to take baths in pure bleach. it makes me feel tingly all over. is this normal? I usually fill the tub up to the top with Clorox. it sort of makes me burn, but it soothes me.
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Comments (7)
yes it is...absolutely. Try cutting yourself with a sharp edge before hopping into the tub. When bleach stats to bore you, try hydrochloric acid or pure hydrogen peroxide.
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Why do people keep making posts about this? Obviously it sounds like a good idea to try, huffing bleach is awesome so bathing in it must be a wicked high. I haven't tested the safety of this but in theory it sounds like a party to me.
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Yeah right,bleach is poison you fucking idiot!
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Occasional bleach baths actually help alleviate certain skin conditions (eg, eczema) if the right amount of regular strength Clorox bleach is added to a whole bathtub of water.

An entire bath full of bleach would destroy your skin, if you were being truthful that is.
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You can get that same burn by overdoing a body scrub. Or use coffee grounds.
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how are you not joker 2.0 yet?
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That doesn't sound like it would be very good for your skin longterm: if you want a tingly feeling in the bath, surely bath bombs or just epsom salts would be safer?
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