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Is it normal to be a asexual - homoromantic?
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I have struggled with my sexual identity (I'm a 23 male). I recently had an epiphany. I don't like sex, but would rather be romantic with guys. Wikipedia says that 1% of the population is like this. I really am indifferent about sex and I don't find it pleasurable, but I do like to cuddle and make out. Hence me being a guy and liking guys, I identify being an asexual, homoromantic. Is anyone on here like this, or in any similar way? And to answer the yes/no question, is this normal?
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Hi, I am homoromantic and asexual, and I am a normal person for people around me, so I guess it”s pretty normal. At first I wasn”t happy with this asexuality which I didn”t choose, but now I believe that a relationship without sex can be wonderful, so goodluck finding your soulmate
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You seem really adorable. :3
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Asexual means you aren't attracted to guys or girls
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I just realized this is what I've been like since my divorce. If that's what you're looking for, look for it. If you change later--I wasn't always this way--go with that, too.
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Yes, this is normal. Im asexual homoromantic. I enjoy having sex with guys and like it. I'm not sexually attracted to them. I still have sex, but i don't get an erection while bottoming. I can only if I am really horny
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I'm ace and I feel like this too! Yep, It's normal :)
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Whatever floats your boat. It's just like not liking a vegetable but if you had to choose one which one would you chose? Which one could you tolerate? In your case it's a cucumber hahah
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I am the EXACT opposite- I like sex, even with other guys, but I dont want a romantic homosexual realationship!
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