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Is it normal to be a virgin at 19?
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I'm going on 19 and am still a virgin. I don't have much experience with guys so I'm a little nervous to think about even getting close enough to someone to feel comfortable with that. Maybe I should just lose it to someone I don't even care about and never have to see again to make it easier and less awkward.
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It's normal.

Just don't let a guy force you into sex if you're unsure. It's okay to say no and walk away if someone is being pushy, because a guy who cares about you wouldn't force you or keep asking after you said you're not ready.

Also, be sure to get birth control (bc). Don't believe any myths about pregnancy or rely on pull-out, you will get pregnant without some form of bc. Wear condoms if you're unsure about the guys sexual history. Go to Planned Parenthood for free bc if you're unemployed or have a low paying job, and free condoms.

Good luck, you're 120% normal.
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Its actually great to think that theres still virgins around.

Thank fucking goodness. It should be about decency and not about just fucking the first guy you see

Good for you.
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Totally normal your still young and wait until the right guy comes along, it will be worth it and its so much better if you both care about each other. Just give it time eventually you will know when and who you'll time will come.
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You are vulgar and not funny.
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@: surrey
Damn how many accounts do you have? Why don't you guys just nuke this fucking site already
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@: surrey
You are vulgar and unfunny!
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No rush... Just enjoy it when it happens with someone you'll enjoy it with.
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Good idea. You probably wouldn't care much about me. Address?
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Hire a gigolo. If you're hot, let me know. I have reasonable rates.
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I think it's normal. My wife was a virgin until she was 21, but had sex with 7 different guys when I met her when she was 25
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Virginity doesn't have a Best Before date. (Although 80 years-old is possibly pushing it.)

Too many young women seem to feel that virginity is some sort of affliction. At 60, I'm still all kinds of virgin: a bungee jumping virgin, a free climbing virgin and a wing-suit virgin, to name three. I lost my sexual virginity when I was about your age. Fortunately, it was a reasonably positive experience, so I have good memories of it.

While you're still waiting to find someone who will help you remove your virgin status, perhaps you could spend some time trying to figure out who you are as a sexual person? Real life isn't much like romance novels or most porn but, if you spend some time searching, it is possible to find female-positive stuff. That might help you understand what exactly trips your trigger. A bit of experimentation with yourself could also help you understand what you need physically to reach orgasm. If you don't at least know this, it's very likely that losing your virginity could be a completely "meh" experience.
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Never worry. You are worth it and sooner or later the right guy will come along and fuck you righteously.
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