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Is it normal to be a virgin who wants sex like a pornstar?
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I've never had sex it my life, the inly thing that's gone inside me is a tampon. I get horny really easily and usually end up masturbating, I'm frustrated because I see the women in pornos and I just want to have be pleasured like them. Is this normal for a virgin?
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They are ACTORS, that's not the real world and it's not how most sex is between real people.

This is one of the dangers of porn, that young impressionable people like you think it's reality and are then disappointed.
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Mmmm. Suck and fuck.
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Totally normal :) I'm a chick and I have always been crazy horny since I was about 14 or so... But yeah, some people are just hornier than others.. You just happen to be insanely horny X'D Do yourself a favor and remember that porno is nothing like real sex X'D
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Nothing wrong with a little day dreaming.
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Porn stars do it for the $$$$$$$$$$ more then the sex.
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i mean thats how i feel right now cuz im 13 so to me it's pretty normal
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