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Is it normal to be afraid of nurse caps?
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(Luckily I live in the US, where pretty much all nurses just wear scrubs.)

But when I've seen them in TV or movies... I've just always found nurse caps to be deeply unsettling. Something feels "off" about them. Is this fear normal?
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how bout nun getups?
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Nurses don't wear caps anymore except in operating theatre
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Down at the end of the hallway in the hospital, you hear frantic meaningless muffled noises coming from a room. You go peek in to investigate...

Strapped down immobile to a hospital bed, writhing and squirming, tied tight to the bed hand and foot, is a patient. "Mmmmmmmpphhh, mmmmmpphhh!" The patient's mouth is taped shut, gagged in a muzzle of medical tape...

Footsteps behind you. A hot nurse in a wicked nurse cap seizes you in her arms. You're next, there's another hospital bed in the room, the nurses in their nurse caps will soon have you bound and gagged in that bed, and then they will begin your "examination"...
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