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Is it normal to be afraid of the sound of waves?
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So I've always known that the ocean scared me, but up until a few weeks ago while I was watching a documentary about the Pacific Ocean, I noticed that whenever they showed a scene with waves, I got really scared. It was just the sound that got my heart pumping and I started to feel anxious.. It just sounds so empty and it's too quiet for me.. I also couldn't help but think of all the marine life underneath the waves.. I think it's just a part of my fear of the ocean, but is it normal?
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Sometimes when we camp at the seaside and everyone is sleeping you can hear the waves crashing on the corals and it can be somewhat disturbing. You get the feeling that it is coming nearer and nearer.
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Wow I love that sound. If its quiet enough at night I can just slightly hear the waves from my house. Love it.
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Sounds like a phobia to me.
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Ur scared of the ocean yet u were watching a documentary? Hmm...interesting
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Yeah, I'm weird like that... (:
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Are you a cat?
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Wosh wosh wosh wosh the waves are coming
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If it reminds you of something tragic or that you don't like.
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