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Is it normal to be an inconsistent artist?
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I don't get it. I can draw better than most people but I'm not as consistent. I can draw really cool and creative stuff but then I can't. I see beginners and advance artist stay consistent. I either draw shitty, inbetween, or way above average. I just want to be able to draw freely without fucking up so much. I see people draw quick sketches with no problem. I can only do it when I'm lucky or on a good day. This is mainly when I freestyle ANIME. I can draw from looking at an established character (Goku, Naruto, Pikachu, ect.), EASILY. But my freestyle drawings look basic or ugly. The anatomy and style is usually off. I want my own ideas to look just as good as the Manga or satisfying enough for me atleast. The more I practice freestyling the worst it looks, and then my papers gets all messy. And then I become frustrated. Any suggestions?
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Draw from real life instead of copying other people's illustrations.
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im not copying. im just trying to draw anime style for fun because i like anime. so the only way to learn the style is through others work, seeing as though i didn't invent it. i don't like copying.
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Looks like you just need to drill anatomy and drawing perspective books more. They ought to help cement the image in your head.
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it is all about focus. you have to completely forget everything around you and be at one with the picture.
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Don't over think it. Drawing is nothing more than making lines in the right places.
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Its hard because I'm a perfectionist. Its a struggle.
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Did... did I write this post??


I am just like that. I can draw goku pikachu spongbob whatever brilliantly from seeing it. But if I try my own things in my mind it's shitcakes.

I can't draw with pencil though. Only with pens for some reason.

I can tell you that if I want to draw really cute fat little fluffy animals, I draw a big circle with a vertical curved line and horizontal curved line in the centre. Then I just do it.
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I think it's down to laziness or modd swings.
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It sounds like you can't draw original things. A good draughtsman but not a good artist.
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@: Murun
I am. just didn't have any technique. i just drew without inspiration and tried too hard.
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