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Is it normal to be born missing a rib bone?
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When I was born, I was born without a rib in the right side of my ribcage. There is a hole there and sometimes when I am doing physical activity, it cramps up. Is this normal?
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you don't have to get all mad about something I post. it's my post, not yours.

but thanks guys! I was talking about the cramps.
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O, I'm sorry I'm not sure if that's normal or not you should talk to your doctor my guess is that it could be the muscles that connect your ribs together being stretched out,but I have no idea.
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1/50 people are born with an odd number of ribs,so it's not to strange
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She's posting about the cramps, not the missing rib. I don't know if the cramps are normal, but you should ask your doctor.
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It's not 'normal' per se, but I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with you.
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Umm.. This is serious. I do understand my friend. Well I have five missing pectoral ribs and muscles in my upper left chest. Shorter shoulder and disfigured fingers. But its all unnoticeable if I dont take my shirt off. But yea. It might not be normal but its something u gotta live with. I wear a chest shield protector that reflects
a hit ether through a fight or accident. Even tho I have this problem I have a beautiful girl sometimes I dont know how I got. But to me ur normal to others ur not. They wont under stand u.
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That's......... Interesting.
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Congrates u can give urself a bj!! (if ur a guy) if ur a girl...... Therea plenty of guys that need somw pleasure
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This is just a stupid question. Obviously I'd you are missing something you are meant to have, it's abnormal. Does this makebyou any less of a person? Of course not. But I can't figure out why you felt the need to post something so obvious.
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