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Is it normal to be concerned about a 90 year old forgetting things
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So I work at a mall.I made friends with a frequent customer who is in her 90's. I am a foster kid who never had a family so It is kind of cool that someone gives a crap.

She looks fabulous for 90 whatever , but she gets people from the present mixed up with the ones from the past. Like she thinks I am her daughter who died.

I told her I wasn't and she looked heartbroken but quickly forgot what happened.Another time she saw a complete stranger and started panicking because he had boots like her dad who I gather was not a nice guy.

She is buying me stuff that I don't think she can afford. I took some of it back and had them put it back on her card.The people at the store totally noticed her not being ok.

I tried to tell her dr about her ,but the nurse cut me off because I am not family. Her husband is completely incapacitated from a stroke and her stepkids are either battling their own health problems or think she is making it up.
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I like to think it is normal but hard to be kind. Helping the elderly speaks volumes for your character.
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Yeah it's nice you worry about her but the only
thing you can do is call a agency of aging to help her
or send a letter to her doctor that is certified and
restricted tell the doctor your concerned about her
well being.
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Normal. Ppl get worn out.
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