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Is it Normal to Be disgusted by Potato Chips?
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When I was young I use to be disgusted by the thought potato chips. Was this normal?
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Comments (7)
Aww, crisps always seem the least offensive of the foodstuffs which slowly fur our arteries. :/
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I thought the same about pizza. I think it's normal to be disgusted by a food.
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A lot of people have food aversions as children. I haven't heard of somebody being specifically disgusted by potato chips before, but I wouldn't worry about it.
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I hate crisps/chips, can't bloody stand them, I got forced to eat some as a kid and it put me off them for life, I freak out if someone eats them next to me, they smell awful as well.
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How the hell would you know what there supposed to smell like?Never thought of that myself.-Do you think they SMELL even worse than cigarettes,too?
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I'd much rather eat cigarette ash than smell a bag of chips/crisps so there's your answer! :)
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