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Is it normal to be extremely afraid of wasps and bees
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Is it normal to be so afraid of wasps and bees that it's hard for me to be outside if they're around and I have to go inside?
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Comments (11)
Of corse it's normal Wasps are evil pure evil
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I cant stand those little bitches flying around trying to fuck me up
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LMAO pure evil. Yes they are those bastards.
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Yes, absolutely. I'm terrified of bees and wasps, even though I'm not allergic or anything (afaik, never been stung by one). Insects in general freak me out, but bees and wasps the most. I'm EXTREMELY careful in summer; I put flyscreens on all the windows, and when I go out, I'm always careful to dress myself in clothes that don't expose too much skin. Call me paranoid, but I can't help it.
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I'm scared of them too! Bugs in general, actually, freak me the hell out.
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I submitted a question exactly like this.... Of course it's normal.
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Wasps yes, bees, not so much.

We have red wasps here in texas and they pack an extremely painful sting.

Now it you are allergic then yes be afraid of them!

Thats why i hate fire ants. One bite and i could go into anaphylactic shock.
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I feel the same and it came from my childhood, because my grandma had 12 bee hives, and most of them were extremely angry. Even a few neighbour dogs died because of them, and my dad nearly died in one accident with them. They can be and are very dangerous
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YES!! I am fine with carpenter bees but don't get me started on wasps!! If I'm outside and one flies near me I try to get away from it, and if it buzzes next to me I cover my ears and scream while running hahaha!!
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Completely normal
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thats fucking weird have to realize that theyre just bugs...hundreds of times smaller than you.
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