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Is it normal to be in a relationship like this?
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Ive been a relationship with my boyfriend for almostva year we've broken up for a week or two because we argued but yet when were not together we miss each other. We go to the same school and I'm with him all day though were always in a hurry to class and don't really spent time and ive asked to spent time afterschool but his parents are stright and his 18 And wont let him out with his "gf" & when he makes plans with his Guy friends it bothers me. Lately ive gotten Moody because I want attention from him and it bothers me also sence i always go out the reach for him I ive tried the to do my hobbies but now its over and and I'm back to it again I have no idea if I should stay in this relationship and if I deserve it help
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They have a proof read button when you submit a story for a reason.
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Other than talking to him about this my advice would be to cut your losses. Not all relationships are meant to last.
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That depends on whether you think he might change when he leaves the influence of his parents or not. If you do think he'll change then i suggest you ride it out until he leaves his parent's influence otherwise i agree with Neuro
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