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Is it normal to be in love with a girl you barely know
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I am a senior in highschool and I think I'm falling for a girl that I've only talked to a few times since junior year. My main turn on is an intelligent mature girl...which she is. She's co-cap on an academic team we attend together. Even though, we barely talked, I enjoy every bit of the conversations we do have. I think of her often and I can see I brighten up her day too. However, the problem is, i have a girlfriend who have hurt me SEVERAL times and promises to change over and over again. However, we had some great compatibility and she is also just as intelligent but things are off now. I try to tell myself I'm in love with her but I honestly think I'm in love with the other girl. I feel like I've known her forever each time we talk and I can really see us getting along. Lastly, I'm not too sure if the other girl knows my feelings for her.
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You are not compatible with your current gf and you're tricking yourself into thinking you are. If being single is better than what you're dating now then dump her despite the other girl being in the picture.

Now take a chance to strengthen the relationship with the other girl. If it it doesn't work out and your single cool and if it does that's awesome too. Don't try to jump from one girl to another without the single part in-between, it will end very badly on one or both sides, and only take the chance if you're okay being single, possibly for a long time.
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The reason why I am compatible with my current gf is because we would also have conversations where we can talk about anything and everything. We would still do that. She's moved away to another state but we wanted to keep going as a serious relationship. But after all the negatives we've been through, it doesnt seem worth it too much
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Take a chance and ask this girl out. Leave your old gf behind, not to sound cruel. I honestly think that you have a good chance with this girl.
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Of course it is normal! It happens to everyone one time or the other! (Don't make them feel abnormal, they might start seeing you as an enemy and attack you)
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if you don't really KNOW her then... it's hard to call it "love"

i mean how can you truly love someone (other than generic love of people) if you don't know who they really are?

I prefer to call it "interest" myself. As in you're attracted and interested in knowing her better.

but hey, go for it. you don't have to go right into dating. nothing wrong with being friends first. in fact... in my opinion being friends first makes the romance even better when it finally happens.
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I don't know. I feel bad for your current Girlfriend....
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I love a famous person, that I don't even know :/
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Nobody's perfect. There are people that you are more compatible with though. Where your foibles annoy them less and vice versa. Too little info to tell whether breaking up with your gf is a good idea. How long have you been with her? What traits of hers annoy you? Which one is better looking?
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