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Is it normal to be irrationally afraid of belly buttons?
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Nobody is going to take this seriously, but...
I'm terrified of belly buttons. They're the most disgusting things ever. If someone touches mine, I get this crazy burst of anger. If they touch theirs, I puke. My logic is because you used to be attached to your mom by it, and from what I've been told, you ate AND pooped out of it. That's so nasty! I tell people about it and they look at me like I'm nuts. I probably am. Welp, yeah. IIN?
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Yes, it is where the umbilical cord was cut. But I'm sure you've been out of your mom's womb for a long time, and I'm sure it's clean if you shower often. No need to be scared/grossed out by it.
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I don't touch it at all. So it doesn't get cleaned. Haha.

And to the other dude, it's called 'Is It Normal'. So I was inquiring whether or not anyone else feels this way. Evidently, 50% so far agrees with me.
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Its and IRRATIONAL fear.

Said so urself, stop being fucking stupid.
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So do you avoid cleaning it or do you touch it when no one's around?
Shh, I won't tell.
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I always thought it was like a scar left behind after the placenta was removed.
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Mine's clean... I'm not scared that anything will come out or anything. Just when people touch it, or get close, It scares the shit outta me... It's hard to explain. But it's gross.
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Nooo, I think it's not normal. You have a bit of an issue there, and I think you should get over it. Now judging by your responses to other people's comments, you don't wanna hear that at all, but tough--that's what I've got to say.
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What the .. What the fuzz is nasty about a belly button!
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You poop out of your ass on a daily basis now - why not focus on that instead of your poor bellybutton??
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I thought "innies" were the only type of belly button (as I have an "inny" and other belly buttons I encountered up until the age of twenty were "innies" as well). I myself am freaked out by "outies." To me they look deformed, and will talk at any moment. Depending on how unappealing they look, I even feel fear that a monster will emerge out of the "outies," very much like that creature from Total Recall. I get you.
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It's normal to me. I hate touching my belly button.
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