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Is it normal to be jealous of your girlfriend's ex boyfriends?
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Ok... my girlfriend and I were randomly talking about her friends, then the conversation shifted to her first boyfriend. I asked her if she really loved her first bf and she said she had a crush on him and actually hoping for him to ask her out. when he did ask her out, of course she was happy. she thought he was the one.

While by gf talked about her exes, I felt very jealous and just walked away. I couldn't imagine other guys touching her because because I'm so deeply in love with her. three hours or so later, I still feel like crap. I just feel like punching the walls.

Is it normal to feel jealous towards your gf's exes?
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its normal dude..the thought of my g/f's ex touching her makes me kinda makes me not want to aswell..i feel ur pain bro.
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I think it's normal to get intense feelings of dislike and resentment towards your girlfriend's prior boyfriend. However, I don't think it's normal that it bothers you for hours on end and.

My boyfriend dislikes my exes on principle, and because they're idiots, but he would never marinade for hours in hatred. I hate his ex with the fire of a thousand suns, not because she's his ex, but because she's a horrible, horrible person. But if she happens to cross my mind, it's fleeting and I soon forget about it.

I know it's unpleasant to imagine the person you love so much loving someone else, doing all the sweet things she does with you, with someone else. But....all in all, it's not important who your girlfriend loved before. The only thing that matters is that she loves you now.
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i dont talk about my exs to my bf i think thats just bad and will only hurt people. my bf is kinda upset he didnt get to like kiss me and take my virginity first but i wouldnt tell him how much i loved the other guys and stuf. thats kinda saying like i wish i was still with them than be with him. idk thats just my opinion. but its normal to be jealous
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it is completely normal i believe. but let me post something here as well my gf is from spain and whenever she goes there she meets for coffer with her exboyfriend from ten years ago which is still her friend i get angry about it and she says i am being ridiculous is it normal??
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Totally normal. Because you want your self to be the guy she actually fell in love with. My girlfriend had a couple of bfs before and she talks about them. I do not like her exes because they are all dipsh*ts. I have met them all. Just get over it. Or just stop talking about them.
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Well I think you have a lot of confused values that you are slowly straightening out. So good on you.

You are right to recognize how off the wall your reaction was to her having previous bfs. i mean you had previous gfs? Right? Ot wished you had.

So drop the double standard and be a man about it. Be a man. That's what she is looking for. Not a silly boy. You're pretty much there. Next step - yours.
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@: Ollieo
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Its pretty disgusting; this thought. One has to live with the idea that the gf was touched by other guys. Better to find a girl who is clean. Dump her, find another who isn't.

Trashy women shouldn't be a part of your life.
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