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Is it normal to be Obsessed with eating Vegetables?
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I get anxious if I don't get 5 vegetable servings a day. In the summer I had access to almost unlimited fresh vegetables and fruits and I would eat so many. Now I can't afford them. As in all we have in the fridge is carrots. I am so anxious and stressed about it. I used to sneak vegetables and binge on them.
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Good veggies huh... Eat em all and drink a lt of water...
Water is the key... Always remember that...
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Are you serious in saying you can't afford fresh vegetables except carrots? Your wanting them sounds healthy to me so if I were you I'd be doing something about reorganising your finances so you can afford to buy at least more than just carrots.
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@: Ellenna
I still live at home with my parents and they think carrots is enough. I don't make enough money at my part time job to afford constant veggies:(
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Your parents are seriously weird if they really believe you only need carrots to be healthy
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