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Is it normal to be perplexed about Chemistry?
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And Philosophy. I forget everything when I leave the room, Anyone else?
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It's about this time, I tend to make a chemist joke but I must be getting Boron.
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I found the same thing with chemistry. It just wasn't sticking. I didn't know why we were learning what we were learning and I couldn't see how it fitted together. One lesson in my second year of chemistry changed all that when we talked about valence shells.

Everything I thought about then made sense. Bonding types, angles, how any two atoms are going to react to each other, all of organic chemistry, why the periodic table looks like it does, it was like lighting lines of petrol. Understanding streaked away in every direction.

If they'd have covered this subject first, I'd never have had any confusion. To be honest, they should be teach this to infants. It's a simple enough concept and it completely changed how I saw the world.
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Your newly gained knowledge diffuses into your surroundings once you leave the companionship of equally knowledgeable people.
Unfortunately, a yet unexplained phenomenon which is referred to as the "black hole of knowledge" prevents the gained knowledge to reach equal levels everywhere, due to some people making it disappear. Hence knowledge will forever continue to diffuse out of your brain and into the world and has to be topped up by studying lest it recede to base levels.
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It's normal. I can recall but I can't remember.

I learn science very well but memorizing all of the elements and chemical combinations as well as the names and dates in other subjects is difficult. I've never had a problem with long words but most of that shit isn't even English!
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I suppose it's different with everyone. I find Chemistry very easy to understand, and most of it sticks if I occasionally go over it, but I find some mathematics hard to remember.
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