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Is it normal to be sexually aroused by reptiles?
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I was in my friend's house a few weeks ago and he has an iguana. Its eyes kept following me everywhere. Soon after I had a dream that the iguana was really a woman trapped in an iguana body. We fell in love and she pleasured me as an iguana. I woke up with a hard-on. Ever since then, I have been masturbating to pictures of reptiles or videos of reptiles mating. Is this normal?
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I'm not trolling. I am genuinely aroused by the thought of reptiles.
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Some can be rather charming ~~~~~~
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Sexual fetishes come in all forms, I suppose.
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i have officially heard it all
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Yes it's normal to be an awful troll.

3/10. You can do better.
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Oh no lizard man is real.
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Ha ha! You have a scale Fetish! I have a fur Fetish! Dogs and horses get me sexually aroused!
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