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Is it normal to be unsure of divorce?
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Ok I know I blame me wanting a divorce on my husbands repeated lying but I can't help but feel like I keep waiting for him to screw up as an excuse to leave. I just keep feeling like maybe there is something bothering me with myself internally that I'm trying to fix with a divorce and fresh start. Is this normal?
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Well depends on if he acted on his lying (cheating on you or whatever) if that's the case then yes it'd be normal to want a divorce because the trust has been broken. Also if he's just lying to you about petty stuff then talk to him about it, you two need to work it out, too many people now a days think divorce is an easy way out; it should be the last thing you do after everything else has failed. It probably doesn't help on your part that you're anticipating him to screw up because then you're wasting all your time and effort on that instead of trying to work things out. Also drag him to a marriage counsellor and let them help you guys out.
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