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Is it normal to be upset with my girlfriend
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I was seeing this girl (we're both 19) and then we started dating. We've both had one sexual partner which was our ex. A month into our relationship she told me that she had been pregnant with her ex half way thru their relationship but the baby died. This hit me really bad and if she had told me that before we started dating I don't think I would have asked her out. We've been dating 5months now. Her ex bf just texted me all of these lies about her so I confronted her about them and she said they were fake. They got in a big fight last night and she told him to call her but she told me in person that she called him to bitch him out. (so she was lying). Anyways I feel like shit and don't really wanna have sex with her because of what happened to her in the past (pregnancy). Is this normal or am I being too hard on her/myself?
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She should leave you.
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The past is the past i think for now give her the benefit of the doubt unless you can prove you have a good reason to doubt her not just a theory.
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What is it about her past pregnancy that bothers you so much? Its in the past, and unless she plans on getting pregnant again you should try to look past it. Nobody is perfect, and if that's her only flaw then there is no point in making such a big deal out of it.
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Did she steal your smokes?
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It's really insensitive to be upset about the miscarriage. That's really emotionally scarring.
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That's a weird things to be upset about... the miscarriage thing. Personally, I don't think that's something you tell someone before you start dating them. That's more, "deeper into the relationship and feeling close enough to you to confide" kind of thing. However that last part sounds like a DRAMMAA BOOMMBBB. I would leave her for the soul reason that you don't sound happy with her. It's to much for your young self, just move on.
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What does the pregnancy have to do with anything. I puke on a guy who would judge a girl just because of that. I can understand it's upsetting or rather unsettling to hear for the first time. It's a big revelation. I can also understand being upset by an asshole ex boyfriend who bugs me and her. But not that a past pregnancy which she didnt't tell you about (not really something you would wanna tell on a first date, and some people never tell anyone about) is upsetting enough to dump her.
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Yes she lied to you that's bad, but to think that you should not have got with her or that you now don't want to have sex with her BECAUSE she was pregnant?! That's stupid she should leave you.
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