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Is it normal to believe in aliens?
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I was having a conversation the other day and the person I was talking to was convinced life on other planets doesn't exist otherwise we would know for sure by now. I don't agree. There are hundreds of thousands of planets and we can't be the only ones surely! It pissed the other person off when I said it! Do most people think this way, or am I one in a few?
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I believe that there is life on other planets, but I don't believe in government conspiracies that they're trying to hide the truth from us and etc etc etc. But, I saw something once. 6 golden lights just floating in the sky. Not moving, not flashing, rearranging themselves into triangle formations, then bam they disappeared. No bs.
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I'm virtually convinced of the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. There are even moons in our solar system that can support it. Titan has a dense atmosphere and lots of organic compounds, for instance. It's just that when people refer to aliens, they think of E.T. or the X-Files, rather than microbial stuff like snottites or bacteria.

There's a simple answer to why super-intelligent life hasn't contacted us, or why we haven't contacted it. Intelligence brings about its own destruction. It won't be long for us now, and we're nowhere near being able to send a manned craft to another star. Life destroys itself before it's clever enough to spot other life.
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I believe in them too, in fact I worship the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu.
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There's not 100,000 plants. There's about 700-800 million glaxies and about 40-50 billion plants
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I believe in the possibility of aliens. but i won't be completely sold until i'm probed by one.
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I think dragons, fairies, and chubaca exist. Along with many others. Anything is possible. Theres many undiscovered creatures on this earth. Some barely being discovered so why not, there must be life on other planets, and galaxies. If there are wandering spirits and demonic demons then theres definately unicorns like Floyzcloud said :)
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There are billions of planets there have to be life...
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There has to be life somewhere else in the universe, but most likely it's so far from earth that no one has found it. That's just what I think but it could very well be true. I wonder about it, what do the aliens look like? I don't think they're really little green things with huge heads and eyes lol
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Of course its normal. Not believing there's at least something else out there is really ignorant.
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I think it's almost certain there's other life somewhere in the galaxy. Whether it's intelligent or we will ever have contact with it is far less likely.
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The universe would be a waste if we were the only life forms that inhabited it. We will find other life forms, and possibly a new "Earth" if we're lucky.
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Its all the goverment. They do it all,and make ppl seem crazy if they see something.. and make them belive there real. I mean if they have the blue beam project..they can do more
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