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Is it normal to combine a going away dinner with other celebrations?
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Tomorrow is my last day and my supervisor has planned a "going away dinner" that has been combined with other celebrations. She originally said it would be our holiday dinner but would be celebrating 2 coworker's belated birthday's from 3 months ago and my going away dinner. She sent out a text asking for everyone's availability and I responded that I would let them know since I had family in town. Well they planned the whole dinner on my day off and my supervisor didn't text me to let me know and I only found out when I asked my coworker about it. My supervisor has also now said the dinner is also being used to welcome my replacement. I've been employed there for 7 years with a spotless record. I honestly feel this is a slap in the face. I know it's just a dinner but I feel as if a going away dinner for an employee who has been employed for 7 years should only be a dinner for that individual and that individual alone should have a say in the planning. Protocol in the past has been the employee leaving gets to choose from a range of restaurants and chooses the date as well. Is this normal to combine a going away dinner with other celebrations?
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Great way to save money
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It's a shame but not abnormal. Not everybody has the quality of character to be considerate to a person who will be no use to them in the future.
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