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Is it normal to combine a going away dinner with other celebrations?
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Tomorrow is my last day and my supervisor has planned a "going away dinner" that has been combined with other celebrations. She originally said it would be our holiday dinner but would be celebrating 2 coworker's belated birthday's from 3 months ago and my going away dinner. She sent out a text asking for everyone's availability and I responded that I would let them know since I had family in town. Well they planned the whole dinner on my day off and my supervisor didn't text me to let me know and I only found out when I asked my coworker about it. My supervisor has also now said the dinner is also being used to welcome my replacement. I've been employed there for 7 years with a spotless record. I honestly feel this is a slap in the face. I know it's just a dinner but I feel as if a going away dinner for an employee who has been employed for 7 years should only be a dinner for that individual and that individual alone should have a say in the planning. Protocol in the past has been the employee leaving gets to choose from a range of restaurants and chooses the date as well. Is this normal to combine a going away dinner with other celebrations?
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Great way to save money
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It is a bit of bs to combine so many events into one party; it cheapens them all. I mean you can celebrate multiple birthdays if they're within the same week or combine maybe 2 causes for celebration if they coincide at almost the same time. Who the hell celebrates birthdays from 3 months ago lol? You have a right to feel screwed over if theres a precedent of having going away dinners chosen by the leaving employee, but...complaining about it will make you petty and rude. Be greatful for anything you get and be glad you're leaving this job, the supervisor sounds like an idiot.
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It's a shame but not abnormal. Not everybody has the quality of character to be considerate to a person who will be no use to them in the future.
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