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Is it normal to continue doing xans when I know the risks?
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I deal with depression and other problems, xans are a great escape. I used to do them heavily a few years ago when my depression and anxiety were really bad, they got me into a lot of bad situations and after losing my virginity xaned out I stopped using. Its been two years and I did them again all last weekend and found myself really liking them. I wouldn't start using them as much as I used to but I am so low.
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Have y'all heard of pot?
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Thing with drugs, alcohol, food ...whatever it is that you are using as a quick fix for how shitty you are feeling wont help you in the long run.
Yes, you escape the pain NOW.
But you won´t learn how to deal with it without the quick-fix.

Work on ourself, accept your bad days as you´d accept a good one.

I´m currently low as fuck myself and I´ll go take a piss and go to bed earlier than usual.
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Benzos are extremely addictive drugs, prescribed to people with issues that typically have addictive personalities. They're a band-aid for a cut that keeps getting the scabbed ripped off by the intermittent sobriety between doses.
Seek professional help from a psychiatrist that has better band-aids for your particular wound
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