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Is it normal to cry a lot?
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I usually have a huge melt down once or twice a month. And I start to cry a lot. Its pretty bad.. Then I want to cry under my covers and stay in my bed forever. Is this normal? I mean.. there are so many reasons I cry too..
Like my family (They can be nice.. but honestly, my sister is a bad word i cant say... my brother is mean and ignores me... my dad never notices me.. and my mom can be nice sometimes but she yells at me for the dumbest reasons)
i have no boyfriend and i never had one
i have no friends (well i do have friends but i have no nice friends)
i have no best friend.. (you know the person you can talk to every day and etc
and im usually on my own everyday
i work my butt off. mostly...
sometimes i feel like im not pretty like those other girls
im not popular
and im super lonely
so i try to go on chat sites to make me
feel good.. but then they end up making me feel worse because i dont have a life. and its sad..
And I feel like i have depression but Im not sure at the same time.
Im usually happy. I have dimples. So i kinda smile at everything.. but I just have those days where Im sad.. But I cant blame myself for being sad. I mean look at those reasons!
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I've went through this everything will be better than you'd ever imagined trust me. You should be able to talk to your family about these things I know it's scary but just do it. Let them know you're hurting you will not regret it and once you do you will have so much more confidence. All you have to do is love yourself and have fun.
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i agree with emilydoll love yourself and things will get better. keep working and be strong btw crying is a good stress reliever they say
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lol, a generic scenario is never as easy as one would like to believe. fact of life: we can't controll people. fact of life: we need people.

"popular", means what, exactly? before you answer that, consider the fact that your answering yourself, and therefor, your answer should only be realistic and agreed with.
undouptedly, you are an indevidual, with a reasonable issue. it is depression that will blind you from the answers that stare you in the face.

read the following carefully.
pretend you have the exact opposit problem; you have way too many people constantly consuming your time and life. find the solution of this problem. answer this: what is the exact opposite of this solution? the answer to that question is the solution to your problem.
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I dont know if it normal or not but I just wanted to say that my sister in law is 20 years old and she does the same thing too. She crys for everything! I always wondered why.
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Aw I'm sorry &
I hope things get better for you :[
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Life might be a pain right now but it will be better for you in the future! It can be difficult but your life will settle down.
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I cried everyday for about 10 years. Turned out I was depressed. Went on Anti-Depressants and it stopped.
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Stop being so fucking melodramatic and just get on with it!
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