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Is it normal to cry while you sleep?
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I'm 22 and a guy and I full on sob in my sleep. Like tears pouring down my face, choppy breaths, crying noises, shaking, blowing snot bubbles, type sobbing. My roommate keeps calling the damn college mental health doctor dudes on me and it's scaring the shit out of my hookups. It's freaking everybody out but I can't help it I'm asleep???
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If you can work out when this started to happen that might give you a clue as to what's causing it. If you can't work it out by yourself maybe those mental health dudes could help you to do so?
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I'd get that checked out.
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You should probably just try to pass it off as a prank.
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Yes, I'd have to say that is normal.
Some people cry in their sleep all the time, I've done that myself once.
It's usually related to nightmares, or dreams that can cause emotional distress' If you aren't having nightmares then it might be useful to seek help from The mental health men.
They may be able to help reduce the crying at night.
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Maybe you have night terrors and can't remember them.
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Maybe its cause your having a hard time breathing?
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