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Is it normal to dislike erasing on canvas too much?
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I was working on this drawing of a leaf dropping down from a tree and found myself having to make lots of erasures because it wasn't exactly the way I wanted it. The leaf has a shadow on it from the light hitting it from various angles so there are lots of little details to draw. It's almost like a design on the leaf which is very intriguing. I never seem to get anywhere with the drawing because I tend to erase a lot. Then when I start erasing I find myself wanting to start again on a fresh canvas. This has cost me a lot of money over the years. I've purchased about 25 canvases over the past two years. I tend to become fixated on the idea of a fresh canvas after I've erased on it. I want to start all over again and order a new one. Is this normal?

p.s. I decided to draw it on paper first and to use canvas transfer paper.
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Fuck off
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No need for a new canvas if its all going to be painted anyway.
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