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Is it normal to dislike your boyfriend's mother?
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My boyfriend's mom is perfectly nice, she likes me and she does things for him and for me. But for some reason I cannot stand her. She is way too nice and too innocent, nothing comes out of her mouth that a ten year old wouldn't say. She is so lame and is not smart. I find myself wishing she would let loose and have a beer. She is very nosy and asks him a million questions for no reason. She annoys the crap out of me but I feel guilty because she helps me. Is it normal to be annoyed by my boyfriends nice mom?
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Could be worse. Could be one of those "You're not gonna take my baby-boy away from me" type of mothers.
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Most wives hate their mothers-in-law because they are nosey and critical. If you think you hate this woman now, wait till you marry him! She'll be 10 times worse!
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So... you're basically asking if it's normal to dislike someone?

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I really don't see why thinking that she's annoying and not being able to stand her makes me a terrible person. And I certainly don't want to be like her. The reason she is so nice is because she is empty headed. And she is married to a hard working man whose money she spends like water. She is obsessed with the Kardashians and she treats her adult children like elementary school kids who need reminding to brush their teeth or take a jacket. She drives me nuts and Ive come to the conclusion that it is normal because she is way too involved in our lives. So fuck you guys and your thumbs up on shitty comments instead of asking me anything.
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Yes it's normal, but try to accept her annoying traits. There are other good traits about her clearly. And it's not like you have to see her all the time (I'm assuming). And even if you do or will eventually, just forgive her bad qualities and focus on the good ones.
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