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Is it normal to dream about having sex with the same gender?
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I don't know what to write here.
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I think so man, I do too sometimes...
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it does not "push you away" from having sex with the other gender..
no need to fear warmth and closeness with humans
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Happens to me occasionaly
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Mikelurker= homophobic creeper jerk
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Well of course it's normal. But are you asking is it normal as a heterosexual person to have homosexual dreams? Yes. Acting on your dreams is normal too. But you may want to think about if you are truly heterosexual if you do turn your dreams into reality. I could have a lesbian dream and in the dream really enjoy it but in reality, it would be weird. That's what makes dreams dreams. They don't always make sense. It's kind of like a dream where you find yourself making out with that (for me) one guy you really don't like or something that doesn't match with reality. But it is definitely normal.
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Yes, try it, it might be fun. Another weekend pursuit.
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masterbate much? I seems to me the more I do the more gay my dreams, but when I can find a woman that will actually have sex with me then I dream of women. I dont think I'm gay at all I just forget what a woman is like when it like 10 years between getting laid
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I guess if you were having these dreams often it might mean something about being, like, curious.
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