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Is it normal to dream about yourself watching yourself sleep?
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I had a dream i was watching myself sleep and i couldnt wake up i tried and i couldnt even get up? it was really messed up. was like the movie paranormal activity
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Sounds like an OBE (Out of Body Experience)
Read up on it...
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I don't know for sure, but it sounds sort of like an out-of-body experience or "astral travel", where you'd feel as though you're floating and looking down at yourself asleep. I could be wrong though. It's just a possibility/theory.
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i once dreamed that i was about to go to bed and then as soon as i feel a sleep in the dream i waked
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thats called an out of body experience, if you dont know what it is google it. i believe i've had them before but i dont think i ever had one where i directly remember looking down on my body, thats creepy :/ but yet very very cool
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I do this every night and i wanted to know the same thing but the weird part is i can wake myself up and i know that I've been looking at myself like i can control what i do... idk but i think its a gift
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I had the exact same experience the other night ! I was standing at the edge of my bed watching myself sleep, and everything in my room was the exact same.. Like normally in dreams theres always something different, but nothing was, everything picture, poster and thing on my desk was the same. And i couldnt wake up, when i finally did i was completely terrified and couldnt figure out why that happened.
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I recently had a very odd dream in which I was walking through my house (where my grandmother, my father, and myself were all staying at the time), and I went from room to room and looked down on each person sleeping. In my dream I thought I was just walking to each room. Then I got to my room and noticed someone in my bed! Then noticed I was actually floating. So I floated over my bed and looked down to see myself laying there on my side with eyes and mouth wide open and the veins bulging out on the temple of the side of my head. VERY weird!! I thought I was dead! So I made myself "fly" down back into my body, and then I awoke. I still don't know what exactly happened that night.
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Have any of guys ever prayed while ur having this dream i have and it works trust me ill start praying and rebuking anything evil and it gets crazy but theres nothing god cant handle trust me i constantly ha e dreams like this cant even sleep wrh lights off
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Haven't seen the movie.

But occasionally I will have dreams in which I feel I am paralyzed in my bed, cannot fully wake up, cannot open my eyes or move my muscles, but I feel like I'm somewhat conscious.

The worst part is, those "dreams" tend to last for the rest of the night--once I finally do wake up, if I go back to sleep then just a short while later I will have the same experience.

I would love to hear an explanation of this, however.
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The EXACT thing happens to me!
i know im dreaming n im trying to wake my self up
but i cant move. some times i count to 3 n i wake up
fast But for the most part it takes me a while to actually wake up..and during that time..
i continue to count.
Its even gotten to the point that i start calling for help and trying to reach over to my husband.

And every time i have that experience
that morning my husband will tell me that he felt me
jumping in my sleep....

IDK wut this means.. but just know that your not
the only one...
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And there we go :)
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Quite normal, in pagan belief out of body experience is usually practiced, to return just think or visualize yourself back in your body and you should return. This is usually what pagans:wiccans call astral travel, if your are curious and it is a true out of body experience, you should not be only limited to your room but able to travel anywhere in the world ie to see a friend or relative, however they cannot see you. Good luck
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