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Is it normal to dream of someone I've never met or seen?
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For the past few days I've been having really vivid dreams of mostly just random things. There was always one guy that was involved or mentioned in one of dreams, I never really focused much on him until the second and third dream I had of him. Every time he shows up it picks up where we left off from the last time I saw him, and until last night I completely forgot that this was happening until it was brought up again in my dreams. He was introduced to me by a friend (who I can't remember and didn't see the face of), in the first dream he didn't talk or say anything to me but he was just there with me really. In the second dream he started to talk to me finally and it was really nice but also a little flirty, I don't remember what was really said but I do remember him abruptly saying he had to go and wouldn't tell me why and kinda feeling really excited for him to come back and talk to me again. In the dream I had last night I was basically in a go kart race, think of mario kart but real life, and this new person was beating all of us and nobody could get close enough to his cart to see his face or even who he was but he tripped over this bag in the road and it bent the lower part of this pipe in his cart and they got dragged onto the side for a pit stop/repair kind of deal. I did the exact same thing because my cart got pushed into the way of the bag and had to go get it repaired. When I got over there I saw the guy and I was kinda upset that he hadn't told me that this is what he had to leave to go and do. He also didn't really say anything until we were alone either but he grabbed my arm and I grabbed his arm and it escalated until we were kissing. I can vividly remember how it felt too and he started listing off things I had told him I like to do and then said I also liked to race (which I don't do in real life it was only in the dream) and that I was perfect. Afterward he said that his cart was fixed and he invited me to an arcade and drove off. I swear I haven't seen him in real life or in person because I absolutely would've remembered his face and probably stared at him or tried to talk to him.
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it were me

i pervade lotsa peoples dreams
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It's just a dream, but write down everything in a safe place you can find later for funsies. I had a dream chick who would show up for years long before I met my now-fiancée, and, on the risk of sounding a bit too "woo-woo," there were an interesting number of parallels between dream-chick and my fiancée, who I met years later. It's all just psychological, of course, but it's cool to see these things work out.
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You don't know you haven't seen him, we see so much shit and forget most of it.
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I dream of people I have never met every night and am seldom disappointed either.
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