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Is it normal to dream that I am hiding a body?
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So I have had the same dream over and over, some parts of it change a little bit, but for the most's the same. I dream that I have killed someone and buried the body in my backyard. I don't actually think I killed someone in real life, but the fear is that I am about to be caught. Like the police are closing in on me. In the dream I don't recall killing someone OR burying the body, it's just a sense that I did it and the police are zeroing in on me. I do have a little anxiety...but I have had this dream for the last 5 years or so. Not every night, but enough to make me try and figure out what I means. Any thoughts?
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My first thought is that the key part of this seems to be a sense of inevitability. Have there been major looming issues or sources of stress since you started having the dream?
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Nope, none since the dream started. Normal life stuff...nothing major. I have told friends about this dream a few times and they think I am nuts! But why do I keep having it?
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Do you feel guilty about something? Are you keeping a big secret?

Some people can influence what they dream about by thinking about it before bed. Try meditating and concentrate on the dream...picture it revealing/resolving itself somehow. For example, you could imagine you will find a book that has the answer in it. Whatever works for you. Can't hurt to try, right?!
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@: wigz
No, I don't feel guilty that I know of, and no big secret. I actually lay in bed and try and think if I do have something to's such a strange dream. When I had it again the other night for like the 5th or 6th time, I thought to myself....this isn't normal!
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Can you do lucid dreaming?
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Fwiw, I can. (I'm not the OP.)
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I had a dream like that, too. Except i dumped the bodies in a forest, near a route sign to a highway that doesn't even exist, so I know i didn't kill anything for real. Also, i was wearing a swimsuit.
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