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Is it normal to drink own piss
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I love to drink my piss i want to drink wifes
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Comments (11)
It is 100% normal. In fact, all of us on IIN drink our own piss. We all get together at a sports bar every weekend and discuss incest, beastiality and pooping into our hands instead of the toilet. All the while eating pipless olives and drinking our piss out of cognac glasses. Unfortunately, there is always that one guy who drinks a little too much and starts asking if we have 7 inch boner cocks and like shoving it into poopholes.
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only for survival.
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No its not bloody well normal.ffs.
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Trust me with this. It is as natural as sunrise and sunset, to drink your own piss, providing it is still warm. Drinking cold piss is not good for your health. So get in quick and drink it down before it begins to chill.
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beats drankin soda
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I just read a book the author wrote about her experience on a yoga retreat in Bali and the group of people she was with were a cult, and they drink their own wazz. It supposedly has all kinds of health benefits and can cure anything. I could never do it though, especially after reading about what it tastes like in full detail.
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Hey asshole, have you ever heard of a thing called punctuation?
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Wtf no it is not normal
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It has a lot of health benefits. Google "urine therapy"
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Don`t let anybody fool you here on IIN, we ALL drink our own piss at one point or another. Water is one of the commodities on earth that gets recycled daily in one form or another. So at any given time you will not only be drinking your own urine but also that of your neighbour whether you like it or not!
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There is yet another way of using urine that is far better than drinking it. Having a guy inside you and having him empty all his urine into you. It takes lots of patience, time and concentration. He need to be mostly erect, as a penis is when the bladder is full and the urge to empty creates an almost full erection. Whe he finally releases it, the sensation of the warm flow gushing into you is pure heaven. I would call it a natural enema.
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