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Is it normal to eat coffee with a spoon?
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Sometimes when I want to stay up late, I eat coffee out of the can with a spoon and wash it down with water/milk. I do that because I don't really like coffee but tea is not strong enough to keep me awake. If anyone is wondering, I do this with instant coffee, not coffee beans. IIN?
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Not really. Try coffein pills. They have the same effect, and you can by them in drugstores.
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It's a little weird but seems ok if you're using instant coffee. They make caffeine mints you could try as well but I must warn you that some brands taste really bad.
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i do it with coffee grounds
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I love to do that with hot cocoa I don't know why. I always did that as a little girl
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I voted normal, because to each their own... but no it is not actually normal. It is just okay to do if that;s what strikes your fancy.
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alright kid. I work at this coffee place called Coasta coffee, an i know a thing or two about coffee. Here's the shit. If you eat instant coffee, its gonna make your gut melt.

also dont think about eating the coffe beans or filter coffee or coffee grind. at work we have to clean the grind off the machine to stop it wearing away the metal. imagine what it does to your insides.
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thats gross as hell.
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That sounds good:)

I used to do this too, but it would always be made into a cup.

I couldn't do it with the brewed type. Those chopped up beans are nasty!

Have you ever tried chocolate covered espresso beans? They might be able to keep you up:)
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