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Is it normal to eat ones own poop?
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I've heard both sides of opinion but really, is it actually a good idea to include your own shit in your diet? Normal or not? Explain.
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Comments (11)
Your body doesn't want it. That's why it shit it out.
Plus it probably tastes like shit.
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WOW! Well put! Haha!
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Oh my fucking God!
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This is a complex and nuanced issue that must be debated by experts.
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I bet no one will be having Christmas dinner at YOUR house!
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youre legit gonna get some African disease
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Completely normal .if you have a mental defect!
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When women sit on my face and I deep rim their dirty shit box , she cant hold it in and she lets Mother Nature take it's course.
She explodes and everything just squirts out , cum , piss , shit and I get a mouthful of them all.
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3 meals one sitting! Eat yo shit nigga. It's left overs!
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What it taste like?

And don't say shit... I want actual descriptors 0_o
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Surely you have performed rimming at some time?
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