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Is it normal to eat your stuff once you finger yourself?
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I'm a girl and once I'm done masturbating I get this urge to lick my fingers and when you think about it, it's disgusting but does everyone do that?
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Ignore the prudes and trolls. There's nothing disgusting about what you're doing. It's your body and you can do with it what you want.

Personally, I think it's sexy when a woman does what you say. I know from difficult experience that a woman believing that her vagina and it's secretions are disgusting can cause all sorts of issues in a sexual relationship. Your attitude seems much healthier to me.

Still, I would be careful about who you tell about this. Some guys will find it very hot, but others will think it weird. Best to proceed cautiously with new partners. Lots of guys get a kick out of watching a woman masturbate. If that was interesting to a partner, you'd be able to judge their reaction to you licking your own juices by how they respond if you use your own saliva a few times to lubricate yourself at the start. Anyone who finds it disturbing to see your fingers move from mouth to genitals and back again is very likely not to approve of you licking your own juices. Personally, I think anyone who finds that disgusting is best avoided since they are prudish and it's highly unlikely you'll ever get any oral pleasure from them.
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actually sounds cute~ X3
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Forget them that is very sexy, my favorite thing to see
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Are you fat
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Wow.....desperate..........but I guess if u want......
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Excuse me while I throw up >_<
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Do you have snapchat?
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What you describe would be no different than a guy going down on you then sharing it with you in a big . deep passionate kiss. Women have been known also to kiss their guy after giving him oral then sharing his cum with him. You are fine. People have been licking and eating pussy for many many years. If it was wrong or bad there wouldn't be so many people that LOVE to do it. And yes, it's a very sexual sensual thing to watch a woman do, I think anyway. I LOVE IT. I will tell you a secret - I used to be able to suck my own cock and when I did I would swallow my own. So not much of a difference if you think about it.
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Quite normal, I like to cum in my hand and lick it up!
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Sounds pretty awesome actually. Try it with your ass too.
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Lovely. My gf does it for me (or i make her do it) and she gets turned on and so do I. I LOVE IT
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The only people here saying it's normal are horny guys. I bet if a dude posted here about slurping up his own cum the response would be vastly different.
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You're a disgusting pig!
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All females of all ages finger their cunts and poop chutes every day of the month , no matter what and lick their fingers and they say it tastes sweet like chocolate berries.
The younger they are , the sweeter their cum and fudge brownies tastes.
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