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Is it normal to enjoy being single with no kids
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I'm 35 and I have no wife or kids and I really enjoyed my life. All the money I make goes straight to me I pay my bills and student loans and I feel bad for enjoying buying useless junk I don't need. I feel that I should be trying to get married and Have some kids but my siblings don't seen happy and they all have Xs and drama with adult and baby kids. I feel bad like I should be worried about my biological clock even though I'm a man but I'm no looker and age won't be on my side the longer I wait. But I'm enjoying my freedom too much. And I feel kinda guilty.
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Same here, only female. Don't feel guilty, family life is not a synonym for happiness imo. Age is on no one's side when they age, don't you agree?
I do have to think about (not) wanting kids, but I refuse to start a family because I have little time left without considering consequences.
Don't look at what others do, just do you!
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if ur happy thats all that matters.
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People act like you have to get married or settle down with kids but it doesn't matter if your happy, there no law so just continue living life as is and go with the flow.
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People who get married and have kids are forced to act happy and fufilled because if they dont people will view them as baby-hating bad parents who are assholes. That and having no hobbies are the only reasons to have babies
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If you're happy without marriage and kids, then keep enjoying it. Most people I know that started families are miserable. They've told me that all their money goes to raising kids or dealing with their spouse. Some of them are resentful even wishing they could go back in time and erase their actions so that they'd still have money and a place to live.
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Most married people are not as happy as they'd have you believe when you are around them. Having money to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it is definitely awesome.
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Some married people are happy, some are not. Some single people are happy, some are not. You should not feel guilty for not having a "family" and choosing what is right for you. It would be far worse and more harmful in the long run if you were to pretend to be 'in love' with someone and procreate just to please your family.
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