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Is it normal to enjoy classical music?
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Not many people around that weird facility I live in care about classical music. But the workers who work there are pretending to like it. However I'm thinking a man in a black suit and slacks conducting an orchestra. Classical music is common but extraordinary, I'm wondering how many people listen to it. Mum's distaste for "turn down that racket" over black metal has been displaced by the same thing over classical music and this is weird because Christians are supposed to hate black metal music, not classical music! When I turn the music loud for classical music my mother gets pissed off and tells me to turn it down so she can't hear it, I rebel against this and feel like waking the neighbours with a symphony. Lots of people think this is good music, the rest of you think it's crap, but why? It's beautiful, relaxing and is the 18th century equivalent of cool music, then Tom, the unique fussy eater bullshitting about his gut (he thinks 1. he has a beer gut, and 2. it makes him a man) said "Max, would you please turn that crap off", crap? It has a harmony, it's professional and it has four beats in each chord, why would you call it crap? Is any of this normal?
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If you're playing any kind of music too loud, it will annoy people
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when yall says classical we is agreein thats just code for merle haggard right?
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No, I'm saying it as it is, keeping it real!
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I absolutely love Clasical music. I have moments to myself when classical is what sets the scene and mood. Be it Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Chopin and a myhriad of others. Their music score is absolutely fabulous to relax with and sets the sprit within free. Mostly it is rock but these Classical moments move me and settle me, especially when I am lying in the bath and having an enema. So well matched that classical was made for this. At least an hour of total relaxation, being clensed and listening to the pure music of yore, is a girl's dream come true.
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I think most people like it, if they're honest. If we all hated it, I don't think it would be used in nearly every film and advertisements etc. I think people just hear enough of it, tbh.
And maybe it doesn't seem as relevant or relatable as other kinds of music.
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Without classical music Mon of todays music would exist nor would rock and roll I was brought up listening to my dads music Bach Mozart Beethoven I especially love incatainfuge by bach
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Music is music... Beethoven or Black Sabbath..
Tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone.
All the same stuff.
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Totally. I mean, assuming you're a younger adult, it's certainly not common, but I love classical music and opera as well as punk rock and video game soundtracks. Like what you like, dude
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