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Is it normal To enjoy eating alone?
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Ever since I can remember, I've never enjoyed eating amongst people. I've always detested family dinners. I usually avoid restaurants because I can't tolerate eating in such a noisy environment with so much chatter, people looking at me chewing and the sounds and clatter of people using their silverware. What really bugs me the most is when they look at me chewing. I experience this uneasy feeling and start to get very anxious, nearing a panic attack and just lose my appetite. Same happens to me at family dinners or when eating with other people. I just enjoy eating alone in my own presence with serenity. Anyone experience this?
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When I was young, I never ate in the school cafeteria. Now, I hate eating on dates or with friends. I feel judged or something. When I eat alone, I don't have to censor it or worry about something on my face/in my teeth. Normal!
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Sameee I hate eating infront of people and them looking at me it's emmbarresing
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Tried eating in solitude afyer read this tonight. So much better. Normal.
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Totaly normal I do the same thing I won't eat infornt of large groups of ppl I will eat with my imeaiate family and by myself that's it
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Yeah it's normal I always go to the cafeteria alone it's like my time to relax, think, and just be aloooone lol
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i feel so weird eating infront of strangers, so sometimes i skip lunch. then everyone in school thinks im a fucking aneroxic
x-x i dont like to swallow infront of people, cuz then they see i have an adam's apple
and i eat ugly
all the other girls in my class are beautiful and clean.. but im grungy and i have gross ass nails, so i have to cover them with nail polish. it looks like i took a huge dump ion my pants, that i scratched it, and then forgot to wash my hands afterwards
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and no matter how many times i try to wash off the grunge, it just stays there.. it's like there is nothing i can do about it..
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I hate the sound of silverware clattering. I have this thing where I have to eat as quietly as possible.
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me too. a lot of people are comfortable being alone...I like being private and I hate the feeling of peopel watching me eat my food maybe its a phobia.
My cousin refuses to eat in front of men for somr reason.
Anyway if you dine alone you never have to share lol.
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