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Is it normal to enjoy the way you smell when you don't shower?
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For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed the way I smell when I don't shower. And for over a year now, I often times go days without showering. I especially like the smell of my fermenting urine on my underwear and on my night time pants.

It's somewhat of an aphrodisiac to me, as it kind of arouses me and makes me want to masturbate sometimes. The occasional times I do take off my underwear (boxer briefs), I hold it to my face and sniff it real hard.

Is this normal? I heard everyone likes "their own band" but to this extreme or what?
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I'd love to sniff your undies. :)
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You're single, aren't you?
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That's gross you fucking pig!
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Musk has pheromones in it so it's perfectly normal to enjoy BO
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id say not normal but it sounds like you need to have sex!!!!!
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Is it normal to shower in raw sewage?
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Not normal... Sounds disgusting
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