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Is it Normal To Fantasize About Children?
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Hello, I am a kindergarten school teacher and I was wondering is it normal for an adult to have sexual fantasies that involve doing things that are illegal to children? I am not posting this for shock value or to be funny, I am seriously wanting to know if this is normal.
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It's always difficult to judge the "normality" of sexual fantasies, as it's rare to find people who are completely honest about them.
I suspect that more people have fantasies about children (or at least underaged) than they care to admit. That said, it may not be "normal" but you're certainly not the only one.

Now, this holds only if you maintain a healthy distance between these fantasies and reality. If you doubt your ability to maintain that control, then you should probably seek professional help; if your career provides too much temptation, you should change it.
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I have fantasies of hurting people like u. Like burning you. Really bad! or cutting you. Really deep!!! We should hang out sometime that would be delightful!
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Ignorent cunt, I'd like to meet with you and then see how brave you are dickhead.

This person is addressing a problem you ignorant cunt.
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Get a new job


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I am of two minds.

NO! I do not believe it is Normal. I have very few sexual no nos but things involving children is up there.

But... I have always maintained that THOUGHTS are not inherantly wrong. To Imagine something is not to act on it.

I am trying to be objective here but the fact that you Work with children makes it difficult.

Might I suggest that you try and find a different line of work.

Alcoholics, some of them, keep a full bottle around to test willpower... But if THEY slip up it is usually only themselves that they hurt.

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is it fuck!
don't ask if its normal or not when you know the answer
its blatantly wrong and even when you do think about it keep it to yourself
selfish arsewipe
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it's perfectly normal. I am that way myself.

But I'll tell you this: whatever you do, don't hurt them. I'm not saying don't do sexual things with them (here, anyway), but just don't hurt them. You see, I don't see it as wrong for you to have sex that isn't physically harmful with them as long as they are willing, but if you desire to do things you know would harm them: DON'T. Because that would be a horrible thing to do.

Now, on a more practical note: don't do it. You'll end up in jail, as those kids are likely to tell their parents. The best thing you can do, if you're wanting to fulfill those fantasies is get a daughter, or even better, a wife that's into it as well and a daughter. Now, your daughter still must be willing, otherwise you're raping her, and you still must not do anything that brings her physical harm, but it would be an easy way for you to fulfill your desires without as much risk as you'd encounter with someone else's child. Of course, the best, safest, most legal, and easiest thing for you to do is to fap to lolicon, fantasy, and, when people finally realize that censorship is wrong no matter what it is you're censoring and legalize it, CP.
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Well sounds like someone needs to take a psychology class. For two reasons, one being your absolute lack of knowledge on the fact that sexualizing a child no matter if they consent or not is harming them. They are not physiologically ready to have sex and neither are they psychologically. There is a reason we defend children from being sexualizing, because it fucks them up for trhe rest of their lives. Do not ever advise anyone to have sex iwth a child and especially their daughter. You need to recognize this level of deviance is from a disturbed mind, either from your own abuse or a misdevelopment in your own brain. The fact that you are not able to comprehend and empahtize with children and see that they are fragile and very susceptible to abuse. There is no such thing as a consenting child, they do not have the cognitive functions to understand what they are doing or the implications of what you are doing to them. If you have done this to a child know that you have caused a life long lasting trauma that will potential have a ripple effect that destroys many more lives. If you or the OP have these feelings you have a moral obligation towards these children and your self to not give into them. Not through porn or anything else. You are not harmless by indulging in child pornography you are perpetuating a cycle of abject abuse to a group of human beings that can not defend themselves. Do not feel shame if you were born like this. Seek help, as with anyother psychological disorder you cannot just rationalize a situation and think it changes the reality. Best of luck, and if I or my organization was to ever find out you did take sexualizing actions against a child. Their will be consquences.
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I'm afraid I don't have enough information to go on.
Could you post some pictures for me?
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i agree, you are walking on a narrow ledge there. U work with children, yet you want to have sex with them. Whatever you do, dont ever act on it! If you do, you will mess your life up. To be safe, i would quit teaching. Its too easy to slip in that position
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You said it yourself! You FANTASIZE about doing kiddies. Big difference between fantasy and reality.
I've had all sorts of fantasies, and yes that does include kids. ,it doesn't mean that im going to act on all of them.
Word of advice, "DONT" . Kids these days are ,or should be taught that nobody touches them, and i have told a lot of children i know that ...if anybody tells them to keep a secret or they will be in trouble ,they must come and tell any other adult the secret, and that they get a reward if they tell the other adults... I know, its not great, but it does keep the kids alert.
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It is normal to have the thoughts, however it is not normal to act upon them. I think you should find a new line of work also.
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It's normal if you're a woman because apparently in our society it's impossible for women to be pedophiles.
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I think its normal, I am a teacher too, and sometimes i fantasized about my students (age 13 to 18 girls), I think it happens to many many people
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@: samben
Jesus christ, the level of deviance that occurs here is mind boggling. You need to expand your lives, if you think children satisfy lust in you then you need to get out of their lives. Regardless of your intentions you are a danger to them, the day "one time" happens you will permeantly destroy a childs perception of sex and themselves. Regardless of how you wish to justify it.
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