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Is it normal to fantasize having sex with a girl, & you're not gay?
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Ok well I started fantasizing about women when I was about 16, im 20 now. It started off me fantasizing about Mariska Hargitay off of Law & Order:SVU, I thought, well i still do think, she is absolutely beautiful. And I would have fantasies about if I was a man what i would do to her, or if she turned lesbian i would turn too, to just be with her. but it's so wrong bc she is married and has kids. and I'm not lesbian what so ever! i dont look at real life people the people i see everyday and think "oh shes sexy, i would do her", i mean I've watched and seen these actresses for my whole life, and never felt this way. I also fantasized about Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, Chelsea Handler, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts. I mean they are all actresses, and don't get me wrong i fantasized about guys too, but the woman....Is it normal??
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Don't listen too them. Perfectly normal. Most girls I've ever dated love looking at girl on girl porn. Go and try some pussy licking loving. Then, you will know if it is just fantasy or not. Don't let people put you in a box, gay, straight, heterosexual. It's all conditional thinking. Fantasy or not, go with it. It's really sensual for me at least when my GF is turned on by a chick.
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If you're attracted to the same sex, you're gay or at least bi. I'm soo sick of seeing 10+ of these posts a week. Just use the search feature rather than posting the same shit that everyone and their mother asks.
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I kinda have to go with you on this one....

But the OP could still be considered "straight", it's one thing to fantasize, but another thing to actually go about it.
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This is true, it just bothers me seeing all these "I want to have sex with men but I'm STRAIGHT" posts. As if there was something wrong with being anything other than straight.

It'll be nice to see manking develop beyond sexuality and all these silly little hangups we have and just coexist... if we can get there without blowing ourselves up. :P
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Yeahhh... I wouldn't say you're straight
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you are gay go eat some pussy
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Can i come and watch :P
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