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Is It Normal To Fart All The Time??
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Im farting all the time, and it is really annoying! It is quite a big problem, because the people at my continuation school hates me for doing. They are really loud and noisy, and my teacher sends me out, while my whole class is laughing, almost dying! And they smell so bad, it's like a thousand rotting corpses! My diet is quite healthy, and I run every morning and im not fat:(
Is it normal? What should I do?
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You need to stop eating all those beans
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It's probably normal, but there is a chance it could be due to a parasite or infection in the intestinal tract. It doesn't sound serious, but it's best to get it checked out by a medical professional.
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I think I'll save that glass of milk for later...
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eat more roughage.
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Take probiotic supplements, the good quality kind. Or eat yogurt or kefir. You should be good within a week.
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I fart a lot but I enjoy sharing
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