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Is it normal to fear being held down.
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Im terrified of being held down. i have only been held down once and it wasnt violently.
but i immediately couldnt breathe.
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Comments (6)
its a phobia. I can't quite find the name for it but it does exist. Just avoid bondage and such and you'll be fine.
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It's called chlostrephobia (I'm not sure how you spell it lol) but that's how you pronounce it.
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OP's right. That's being scared of small spaces.
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Its spelt Claustrophobia :)
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thats being scared of small spaces.
not being held down.
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That's funny. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of my bf pinning me down and f***ing me. I guess I can't sympathize with you, but I guess we are all different.
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