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Is it normal to feel groin pain when belly button is poked?
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When I push my belly button, it hurts and sends pain in a line down to my groin. I'm female and have been this way at least since I was a teenager.
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I'm a guy and I get that too!I don't know if it's normal?
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i get that too...i dont know what it is...look it up
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In all seriousness, it's because the ovaries and testicles develop in your stomach.
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How far you sticking that finger in?
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yeah, i think that happens to everyone!
i hate that pain!
im a girl too. haha
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I just tried this and I get like a weird tingling sensation in my groin area. Strange but I'm guessing it's normal seeing almost everyone who posted said they got the same thing, but I'd sill google it.
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its cuz the nerves in your groin run up yur stomache wen you poke your belly button your poking the nerve
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if makes me feel sick and horrid if I touch my belly button!
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I find it pleasurable. And the line between pleasure and pain is very fine.
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