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Is it normal to feel like faint and vomit during your period?
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My periods are regular and rarely heavy. on one occasion on the day i got my period i felt like i was about to faint with the pain. i was sweating all over for a long time and it wouldn't stop.i actually had to go to the nearest toilet at the time and take my clothes of til i cooled down. i was so dizzy that my eyes couldn't focus on anything. i thought i was goin to die with the pain. it came to the extent where i actually had to lie down on a busy street in the down as it was impossible to walk with it. i also felt a bit nausea period that time was normal and not heavy at all so i couldn't understand why i felt so bad. this only happened to me once.does anyone have the same problem or is it normal at all?
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Ohhh, unfortunately, yes!
I used to pass out from every period when I was in my teens. It got so bad that I collapsed in the middle of the street. Next thing I knew, a stranger had driven me to the hospital, thinking I was dying of an overdose.

Having ovaries is a pain, literally!
You didn't mention your age, but often your periods as a teen can be quite harsh. You will probably outgrow this. I went on the birth control pill far before I was having sex to help with this. Ever since, I have had minimal pain. I have qualms about the pill myself, I'm not sure I like the idea of hormones spilling into my body every night - but that's another matter. Point is, you don't have to have bad periods - there are solutions, ask your doctor about options.
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One of my friends had the exact same problem...she had cysts on here ovaries...she would faint and had extreme pain and nausea...I would see a doctor just to sure cause it can get worse
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I'd go see a doctor, if I were you...
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thanks!!..but seeing as it only happened once i might wait and see!!
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Happens to me every few months. Actually I got it today at work. I was throwing up in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I was so pail. Its happened when I was in high school but not that much.. I had to drive myself home and I thought I was going to pass out, but I made it! Ive been to the doctor my ovaries are fine. Just some ppl are different. GOOD LUCK!
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dont be worried everyone here are probebly making you worried . just dont worry about it really if it starts to get worse or happens alot go see a doctor but while your on your period dont go out much to make it weird if you do faint or vomit and if your at home it might fell more relaxing cause your in your enviroment.
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This happens everytime I start my period. But it is one or the other: either I feel like I'm going to faint or throw up. Thus far, nothing dramatic has happened. But it has not only been getting progressively more painful, but I have been slowly experiencing this when not on my period.
I asked my doctor about it and he said it was just a hormonal imbalance, like morning sickness, except it doesn't happen for an extended period of time. Whenever it does happen, I take a pamprin or a midol and sleep it off. Usually an hour, then I wake up, and I'm fine...
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Well you get your period you lose blood right and dosent losing blood make you faint
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PMDD(premenstrual dysphoric disorder) its fairly common, so dont worry unless it gets REALLY extreme
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Uh thats never happened to me before, but if it did i'd be scared.
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but seriously use a condom..

[[not being funny for real use one]]
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