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Is it normal to feel like you can't get along with anyone?
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I have a lot of friends and family members, and have had great times with many of these people that have come into my life. But for some reason, no matter how much fun we have and/or bond, I always get sick of them. There are some family/friends that I can still call up anytime to talk and get along with, but I've at one point had a falling out with them. Some family/friends used to be close to me but we would get into a fight and I still haven't spoken to them since. All of my relationships with people seem to flourish at first, then something happens (they bug the piss out of me or we do something to hurt each other's feelings). What the hell is wrong with me? I'm outgoing and really do have a heart, but I can't pinpoint why all of my relationships get complicated as I continue them.
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You have a low tolerance for annoying assholes?
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A lot of people have the exact same problem. I myself have two people in my life that I will never tire of being around, where as everybody else is the world I couldn't care less about because they annoy me with every little breathe they take. I find the best way to deal with this problem is to spend copious amounts of time by myself or with those two people. Next time somebody is grating on your nerves just think about your happy place and just tune them out.
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Wow I'm the same way! I have a really low tolerance for fuckwits and as a result my friendships fizzle out after awhile. I think "normal" people who have long term friendships are willing to put up with a looooot more stuff than we are.
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You seem to get bored with people fast if your able to only visit who you want for a while that could help
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