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Is it normal to feel "numb"?
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Im at the point where so much shit's happened I just don't care anymore. Pretty much im hardly emotional about anything, and instead of caring more about problems or about how people feel I care less and don't feel like there's a point in caring.
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It's normal, sadly. But doesn't mean it's healthy.
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I feel that way right now too. I am hoping it will go away. I try not to dwell on it. I am noticing that little things make me smile.
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I felt numb for a year, the year before i felt intensely depressed. It's normal, Keep searching for answers until you find one that helps you. good luck
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There is a 'point' in caring.
It is up to you to decide what that 'point' is.
Any small contribution, contributes to the greater good.
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The same has happened to me. You need to get yourself to a stage where you can feel but for it not to effect you dramatically. Also a friend had the same thing badly. A family member died and they felt nothing. Dont let that happen
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You are just depressed that's all. You need to see a doctor on maybe subscribing you an anti depressant like Lexapro or something
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You sound like you are depressed and you should talk to someone that you trust or to a psychiatrist about all of the stuff that has been going on in your life. Hopefully things get better for you. I wish you luck.
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It's normal.
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I think I know a song you'd like.
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What is it?
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When shit happens try to counteract it by BEING good and DOING good.
Knowing that your in control and you can make everything better helps me alot!
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I have the same problem!
I want to die, but I want to live!
I love girls, but they don't care about me!
Girls love me, but I don't love them!
I'm a virgin, and I don't think it will ever go away!
I need help!
My parents and family have almost put me in a hospital!
I am in utter and complete crap of a mood all the time!
Fuck my life, seriously!
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