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Is it normal to feel pain in dreams/nightmares?
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So whenever I'd have a dream where I get hurt in the dream, I can feel the pain. For instance, I had a dream one time where I was shot three times: once in each leg and once in the head (and somehow I survived in the dream because dream logic), and I physically felt the pain from the dream bullets. In another dream, I was being sucked into lava or something, and I could feel the burning pain in my foot, I couldn't walk for nearly an entire hour. And in a dream where I was falling off a cliff, the moment I hit the ground was the moment I woke up with a jolt, as in I literally moved, and I felt as if I'd just hit solid ground at 80 MPH. Is this normal, or is it a medical issue?
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If I were in your shoes I would stop dreaming!
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I would if I could, but I don't exactly know any way to stop dreaming other than to stop sleeping.
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I have this same problem so I know how it feels but I don't know how to stop it. I've experienced getting shot and falling off cliffs like you, but also surgery, drowning, and getting eaten by wild animals. Anyways, the dreams could represent stress in your life so maybe if you meditate or take a hot shower/bath before you go to sleep, that might help. Or try a healthier diet. You know dreams can tell a lot about your physical health. If that doesn't work then maybe tell your doctor or go to a therapist. Hope it helps!
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