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Is it normal to feel really really nervous about your first date?
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I am totally in love with her, and I think that she is perfect for me, but sometimes when I think about just the 2 of us being together alone I get kind of nervous. Is this normal? Will I get more used to it as we go out more and more?
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Well i don't get nervous about things like that but yeah most do. Its 'cause you want to empress them, make them laugh and have a good time and your hoping they won't be bored or anything. But the truth is that she is probably just as nervous as you are mate. Just be your self as you would in your group or with your friends after all she has agreed, right? That must mean she likes you, and yes with time the nerves will go away. Just stop worrying about it mate, all will be good trust me
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Nervous is a good sign. It mean you're excited, but take it easy, you should be on the same page as your girl. Try to take a step forward and two steps back so she know that she don't get a clingy guy as boyfriend.
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Well, I remember I once got a role in a school play. My drama teacher had asked me if I was nervous. When I told her I was, she said that it was a good thing to be nervous, because it meant I would be able to concentrate harder on what I had to do. Everyone gets nervous, whether they're on a date, auditioning for a play or even getting on a rollercoaster! Your girl-friend will probably just as nervous as you are. You could simply talk with her about her interests, your interests and things you might have in common (eg. favourite food, hobbies and favourite places, etc). After a while, it should get easier and you'll forget that you were ever nervous. =o)
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Delightful in its innocence.
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its normal hun don't worry
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